Vegetarianism: Why? and Is It Right For Me?


There are several reasons why people choose the vegetarian lifestyle and food trucks across the nation are taking heed of their customers needs.

  • Spiritual: Having a desire to not take death into the body of a previously living creature. A revulsion to the idea of killing another organism for food.  A belief that the vibration of fear and panic the animal experiences at death is imprinted on the flesh and consuming said substance will in turn have an adverse effect on the chakras and emotional bodies of those who eat it.
  • Ethical: As protest to the terribly inhumane treatment of the food animals by the industry.  Also, as protest against the genetic and hormonal alteration of the food animals. Some people with this concern are not necessarily against eating animals, but rather their treatment and so feel that eating free-ranging chicken/eggs, cows, and pigs is fine if they’ve lived a healthy life with normal nutrition.
  • Health: As response to high cholesterol, heart issues, obesity, diet recommendations, diabetes, or a desire to  eat healthier and closer to the earth, and/or a wanting to increase raw foods in their diet.
  • Environmental: Using land and resources to graze cattle for food is horrifically inefficient way to produce protein, use the same acre of land to grow soy, cut out the green house gases from livestock and you now have a recipe to truly address world hunger. Read more here:

So how about the confusion many people have about the types of vegetarians?  First let’s be very, very, specifically clear on this….anyone who says they are vegetarian, but then say they occasionally eat chicken/fish/turkey are not vegetarian. They are instead someone that doesn’t eat read meat.  Now, with that taken care of, let’s define what an actual vegetarian is:

  • Lacto-ovovegetarian: Is a person who eats no animal flesh of any kind but will eat dairy (milk/cheese) and eggs (unfertilized). Such a person will also likely have a concern about how the chickens/cows are treated and will likely choose products from farms that treat the animals more humanely than large industrial farms do.
  • Lactovegetarian:  Is a person who eats no animal flesh of any kind or eggs, but will consume dairy products (milk/cheese).
  • Vegan: Is a person who eats no animal proteins at all. No dairy, no eggs. Some will also not eat honey.  It’s harder to get all the nutrients you need from strictly vegetable sources, however, and care must be taken to make sure you get all the B/D vitamins, calcium and proteins.
    • Getting complete proteins: Learn how to combine foods to make complete proteins (grains/legumes, nuts/grains, nuts/legumes).

So, is vegetarianism right for me?  It’s a highly personal choice that usually means you have a strong moral, ethical, spiritual, health, or environmental reason for doing so.  In the end only you can answer this question for yourself; at Food Truck King, we have, cumulatively, over 50 years of vegetarian living between us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s a good basic article from Brown University if you want to read a bit more on getting the correct nutrients.



5 thoughts on “Vegetarianism: Why? and Is It Right For Me?

  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    I am vegeterian…n enjoyed reading ur article..thanks for sharing..very vibrant pic 🙂

  2. […] Vegetarianism: Why? and Is It Right For Me? ( […]

  3. […] Vegetarianism: Why? and Is It Right For Me? ( […]

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